Residential Furniture

The furniture that fills your home doesn’t have to be run of the mill. It can be handmade by expert craftsman who put creativity and design expertise into each project. Whether it’s a coffee table that strikes up conversations, a bookcase that catches the eye, or a stunning wall mirror that reflects the life and style of your home.

Commercial Furniture

Business spaces need their own personalities. FoundRe can help you create an environment that gets people talking. Booths, tables, counters, desks can all represent the unique feel of your business. If you’re hoping to incorporate non-wood materials, FoundRe’s got you covered. We source and work with metal, stone, fabric and other materials to create a space that feels as individual as your company.


Simple Design Process

From a kitchen table to an entire restaurant, FoundRe offers free consultation and 3D rendering for every level of custom project. Your consult will be laid back, easy to understand, and centered around your design needs. We build beds, tables, dressers, credenzas, shelving, seating, and more with a focus on sustainability, quality and high-end design.

Storage and Shelving

Tables and Countertops

Cabinets and Bookcases

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Free Quotes on Custom
Furniture Projects

What Past Customers Have Said:

"If you’re looking for something that’s both quality and unique, go to FoundRe!"

- Jennifer M., Chicago

The answer is Raun at Foundre. He has been our guy since the day we opened. He designed all the tables, ceiling, wood wall, shelves, etc. We love his work and feel we can trust him with bringing our ideas to life.

Ashley O., Wicker Park

Amazing work, fabulous style and know that anything you get made from FoundRe you will LOVE.

Jen F., Logan Square

We love all the custom furniture FoundRe made for our office and have received many compliments on the pieces. They are my go-to option for custom furniture.

Aaron N., Fulton Market

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