Foundre is your one stop shop for all custom wood working and carpentry needs. We specialize in quality handmade reclaimed goods as well as high end cabinetry and built in furniture. We use only the finest materials available, and we build it to last. 

Furniture: Dinning Tables: Media Cabinets: Credenzas: Vanities: Carpentry: Bookcases: Shelving Units: Cabinetry: Baseboard: Crown Moulding: Doors: Case Moulding: Custom Framing: Flooring: Remodeling: Deconstruction: Project Management: Design: And more.    


Pricing Guide: For average costs on most custom work please refer to the following. 


Shop Rate: $90 per hour

Installation: $75 per hour

Design work: $75 per hour

able Top Paneling: $70 per square foot

Custom Bookcase: $575 per linear foot

Custom Cabinetry: $340 per linear foot



For detailed pricing and estimates please email or call us today for a free quote. or 773-235-3600




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